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Very Cute Dog Pictures

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Last week’s blog was of cute baby bird pictures. Today I’m posting very cute dog pictures. Whatever your preference for pet, these photos of man’s best friend will warm your heart.

very cute picture of lab mix dog


This is Charlee. She’s a cute lab mix, who’s full of personality and high energy. And she likes to chase bunnies, frogs, and to dig. Things her owners swore they would disown her for. But they can’t, because they are crazy about her.

2 very cute, big dogs lying on top of each other

Bentley and Nikki

Nikki is the shepherd mix on the left, while Bentley is the lab mix on the right. She’s the boss in their relationship. However, when it comes to their owner, they’re both very attentive and faithful.

very cute picture of dog licking face


This is Samson, otherwise known as Courage the Cowardly Dog by his parents. Because, even though he’s almost 7 years old in human years, he’s still just a puppy at heart. That’s since he’s afraid of every little thing. But still we think he’s really cute!

picture of very cute pit bull mix dog


Ozma or Oz is a really cute half pit, half lab who loves to carry her own leash when out on walks. And she also loves to cuddle.

very cute pic of Sheltie driving


This is a really cute picture of our late dog Moses, in the driver’s seat. He loved to run around outside, and he was a great pet. We miss him very much!

really cute picture of labradoodle


Tessa is a sweet labradoodle. She loves everyone and thinks a stranger she meets is her new best friend.

really cute pug


This is a picture of Maddie, an absolutely sweet pug, who also is no longer with her family. But when she was, she would wait for her human to get home before she would eat her food. And she loved to get as close to her human as was physically possible.

cute dog with its tongue out


This is a very cute picture of London, who likes to lick faces. However, she knows she’s not supposed to. So, when her face is near her human’s face, she licks her own face, religiously.

cute labrador


Minti is another cute lab. And when her human is sitting down, she takes small steps, one at a time, to get closer till her head is in her human’s lap.


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