Threats To The Backyard Flock, Part Three

PREDATORS, DISEASE, PARASITES, and STRESS This is the third and final part of my series about the different threats to our backyard flock. In the two previous posts I talked about predators and listed some illnesses. In this final edition I conclude with more issues that can afflict the flock. Egg Binding Egg binding isContinue reading “Threats To The Backyard Flock, Part Three”

Threats To The Backyard Flock, Part Two

PREDATORS, DISEASE, PARASITES, and STRESS This is a continuation of the post I started last week on the different threats your backyard flock might face. Now let’s talk about chicken illnesses, of which there are plenty, but again thankfully few that our birds actually experienced. FOWL POX It was around a couple of years agoContinue reading “Threats To The Backyard Flock, Part Two”

Threats To The Backyard Flock, Part One

PREDATORS, DISEASE, PARASITES, and STRESS In this post I’m going to go over some things that are a danger to your backyard flock. Some, like predators and diseases, are obvious, but others, like stress, aren’t as noticeable, or we don’t always link stress as the cause of the problem. PREDATORS First, we’ll start with theContinue reading “Threats To The Backyard Flock, Part One”

Some Strange and Some Cute Cat Behavior

Cats have very interesting behaviors, however sometimes it may seem that all they do is sleep. That isn’t necessarily true though, and if we watch, we can see all the ways in which they communicate. RUBBING AGAINST THINGS A couple months ago I started paying attention to our older cat Meow Meow, when she wouldContinue reading “Some Strange and Some Cute Cat Behavior”

Chicken Soup With Acini Di Pepe

GENERATIONAL RECIPE This chicken soup recipe was passed down through the generations on my mother’s side, beginning back when, I’m told, her ancestors lived in Sicily till they emigrated to New York, eventually making their way south and west to Arizona. My mother learned this recipe from her mom, probably started making it by theContinue reading “Chicken Soup With Acini Di Pepe”

Pierogis: New Year’s Day Traditional Food

Pierogis are filled dumplings, and they’re mostly associated with the cooking of Central and Eastern European Nations, but they go by different names in those other nations. In Poland they are referred to as pierogis, but in Russia they are known by vareniki. A POLISH RECIPE In this recipe the pierogis are filled with cabbage,Continue reading “Pierogis: New Year’s Day Traditional Food”


This recipe is one that’s been handed down to me from my mom, which was handed down to her from her own mom, then grandmother back generations, originating in Sicily. They resemble biscotti in a lot of ways, only they are Sicilian cookies. When looking up papatelli, I saw pictures of them that looked likeContinue reading “Papatelli”

Working With Resin, My Favorite Medium, And Acrylic

Today’s post is about making ornaments while utilizing either resin with pigments and/or acrylic paint, which is my all-time favorite medium to work with, as I’ll explain why later, or Floetrol with acrylic paint. HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS A Brief History Two years ago this past August my middle daughter introduced me to Acrylic Pours, anContinue reading “Working With Resin, My Favorite Medium, And Acrylic”