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My love and appreciation for what small farm animals can offer led me to share my adventures with others. We have three cats, three ducks, and had a couple of bunnies. And each of my animals has a special personality unique only to them. Not only are chickens a good source of food, with both their meat and their eggs, but they can teach us lessons. I have found myself at peace most often when I’m outside, watching my birds.

We have a pure Black Ameraucana rooster and pullets. Also, we have Easter Eggers from my Ameraucana rooster mixed with Cuckoo Maran and Barred Rock hens. Moreover, we donate a lot of eggs. If you live in the OKC area and you know someone in need of assistance, use the info below to contact me. We get a ton of eggs, and I love giving them to people who need them.

Originally I’m from Dallas, but 10 years ago we moved to Oklahoma. We live in a modest home on one acre, southwest of Oklahoma City.

┬áDon’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below to send me a message.

Sharing my experience, raising and breeding Black Ameraucana chickens.

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