Welcome to Chicken Girl.

I’m Kristina, and I’m glad you’re here. I hope you enjoy my posts about my birds and other pets, their quirkiness, and my family.

I may not be a spring chicken, but I rule the roost.


Sharing my stories from a small town in Oklahoma: Chickens and other birds, cats, bees, a bunny, recipes, and art.

Sicilian Acini di Pepe

Chicken Soup With Acini Di Pepe

GENERATIONAL RECIPE This chicken soup recipe was passed down through the generations on my mother’s side, beginning back when, I’m told, her ancestors lived in Sicily till they emigrated to New York, eventually making their way south and west to Arizona. My mother learned this recipe from her mom, probably started making it by theContinue reading “Chicken Soup With Acini Di Pepe”

Roxy and Kirby with my daughter

Our Dogs

THE ONES WE’VE HAD, LOVED, AND LOST ALONG THE WAY My first best friend was my dog Suzy growing up. She was a poodle, and I still remember the day when we picked her up. We went to a breeder because my mom wanted a champagne poodle. When I was little my parents were allContinue reading “Our Dogs”

Furry Friends

A WEIGHTY ISSUE I love animals, I’m going to just put that out there. We’ve had dogs, now chickens, ducks, cats, and a rabbit, but I think my favorite animals are the ones that are like me, on the independent side. I suppose that’s why the chickens, cats, and I all get along so well.Continue reading “Furry Friends”


New Year’s Day Traditional Food

A POLISH RECIPE Every New Year’s Day I grew up having pierogis and gwumpkies or golumpkies at my grandparents (maternal) house until we moved away from Arizona when I was entering the 3rd grade. Pierogis are one of my favorite foods, probably because there’s a mixture of dough and butter. Ingredients for Filling: Ingredients forContinue reading “New Year’s Day Traditional Food”


SICILIAN COOKIES This recipe is one that’s been handed down to me from my mom, which was handed down to her from her own mom, then grandmother back generations, originating in Sicily. They resemble biscotti in a lot of ways, only they are Sicilian cookies. When looking up papatelli, I saw pictures of them thatContinue reading “Papatelli”

Christmas ornament

Working With Resin, My Favorite Medium, And Acrylic

HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS Today’s post is about making ornaments while utilizing either resin with pigments and/or acrylic paint, which is my all-time favorite medium to work with, as I’ll explain why later, or Floetrol with acrylic paint. A Brief History Two years ago this past August my middle daughter introduced me to Acrylic Pours, anContinue reading “Working With Resin, My Favorite Medium, And Acrylic”


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