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Kristina Smith


Welcome to Chicken Girl.

I’m glad you’re here, because I’m ready to help you with questions you may have about Ameraucana chickens and Easter Eggers, and if you’re interested in purchasing Black Ameraucana or Easter Egger pullets, roosters, fertilized eggs, or chicks, this is the right place. I also hope you enjoy my posts about my birds and other pets.


I’m Kristina, and I’m sharing my experience raising and breeding Black Ameraucana chickens and Easter Eggers.

adorable puppies with hens on soft wool in farmyard

Very Cute Animal Pictures

Starting now, each week I’m going to post some crazy, cute fur-baby pictures. Some will be of my animals. Some will be from my relatives or friends. If you have any pictures, I would love to see your fur babies and post them as well, so feel free to share! Our cat, Cake, sleeping on …

Homemade Mexican rice

Recipe for Quick Mexican Rice

This isn’t really a traditional recipe for my family. Although, when I was a child, my mom picked this recipe for quick Mexican rice up when we were living in Arizona from one of her friends. She’s made it ever since, and so I started making it for my family as well. It’s easy to …

herd of hen

What Are The Best Dual Purpose Backyard Chickens?

There are more than 500 chicken breeds in the world. And I’m going to be absolutely honest, I am not familiar with all of them. Because I haven’t been everywhere around the globe. So, I can’t tell you that I personally know what every bird out there is like. I do know, however, birds in …

Duck Who Wants to be a Chicken Courtesy of Paul Smith

Why Do Pekin Ducks Bob Their Heads?

If you’re new to ducks, you may not have seen females or males bobbing their heads yet. Or maybe you have witnessed them bobbing their heads but don’t know what it is. I can help explain this behavior, because I also have ducks and have seen them doing this. We’ve had our ducks for a …

Taco Salad in a Bowl

The Best Homemade Taco Salad

This is one of my own recipes that I just threw together one day, several years ago. And I’ve been making it ever since. I like it, because it’s easy, and I’m all about easy when it comes to preparing food. But it also tastes great. Tell me what you think after you’ve tried the …

Chickens eating On dos and don'ts of feeding chickens

What Can I Feed My Chickens to Keep Them Healthy?

If you have backyard birds, you know there are a lot of options on what to feed them. And that’s just in layer feeds, right? But, which feeds will keep our birds healthy, that’s what we want to know. And is it ok to give our birds table scraps? If so, which ones? Is there …


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