Adding More and More Birds to Your Existing Flock

Possibly you’ve seen the memes related to backyard chicken owners and the telltale signs of addiction. They’re pretty funny and can be spot on. We were like that in the beginning too: Buying chicks, adolescent hens and roos, and always keeping our eyes open for more. But how do you know when you have tooContinue reading “Adding More and More Birds to Your Existing Flock”

Our DIY Den Project

A 3+ YEAR ENDEAVOR: Part Two Since our lines are buried next to a tree, we were told by our electric company that they got tangled in a tree of heaven on our property, instantly denying our claim, explaining that since the tree is on our property, the power surges and resultant losses were ourContinue reading “Our DIY Den Project”

Our DIY Den Project

When my husband and I first married, we soon moved into an established neighborhood in West Plano, a suburb of Dallas, with traditional homes, surrounded by big trees and small yards. Very small yards compared to where we are now. We were one of the many (read ~ 10 million) Americans affected by the housing bubble and subsequent

Getting Started on Having and Raising Chickens

I live in a small town southwest of Oklahoma City, but originally I’m from Dallas, so I’m more familiar with fashion and makeup trends than I am with a farm and chickens. My first experience with chickens was several years ago on my mother-in-law’s ranch in East Texas, unless you count eating chicken. She ordered some Rhode Island Reds, which at the time I had no idea what that meant. I certainly wasn’t aware