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If you read my blog, you know I live in Oklahoma. And because I don’t live in a city, we are on one acre in a neighborhood of 1-5 acre lots. So we do get wild animals. Though, maybe not the ones you might tend to think of when you hear or read the word ‘wild’. This post of Cute Animals is actually going to be about cool wild animal pictures.

wild, juvenile Mississippi Kite in tree

Also, for today’s post, I’m only going to focus on one animal. Which means that the pictures I’m posting are all of the same bird, a juvenile Mississippi Kite.

wild baby Mississippi Kite

The Kite had its home in one of the trees on our property. But we found it one day outside, under our Silver Leaf Maple tree.

juvenile Mississippi Kite under tree

We thought that was strange, that it was just standing under the tree. So we went to check it out.

young Mississippi Kite under a tree on top of a pot

And, as we approached, the Kite got alarmed. Because, being a wild animal, it wasn’t used to being around humans.

person holding juvenile Mississippi Kite

Therefore, after getting gloves on and a towel, my husband was able to pick it up. Yet, the Kite was still scared, and started screaming.

juvenile Mississippi kite with wings outstretched

Though we couldn’t see any outward injuries after inspecting the bird. So we surmised that, perhaps it fell out of its nest, because it was too young to fly.

juvenile Mississippi kite with wings in mid-air

It was understandably scared, however, within a couple of weeks, it either got attacked by a cat, a dog, or its parents tried helping it. And it ended up getting a serious wing injury which further prevented it from flying.

juvenile Mississippi Kite in tree

My husband nursed it back to health, both by catching and buying insects for it. Thus, we learned a lot about Mississippi Kites from this juvenile wild bird.

cool picture of teaching a Mississippi Kite how to fly

My husband eventually taught it how to fly. Or helped it learn. But its parents were never far away. We even got video footage of one of the parents bringing food to its offspring.

man holds wild young Mississippi Kite

It finally left when all of the other Mississippi Kites left, migrating to South America for the Winter last year.

Have you ever had an encounter where you’ve helped a wild animal? Hopefully not one where a wild animal was trying to hurt one of your pets or livestock. Your comments are appreciated.


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