Protecting Your Backyard Birds raising happy, healthy chickens

Types of Chicken Coops

I already mentioned in a previous post that when we had our broilers we only had a temporary shelter, however when our daughters brought home 8 chicks from East Texas, my husband had to

raising happy, healthy chickens Roosters

Why Roosters Attack

It was after our daughters brought home our first batch of chicks that we started noticing changes in our rooster Casanova. He seemed highly interested and invested in the chicks,

Chicks Hens raising happy, healthy chickens Roosters

New Chicks

My girls went to visit their grandparents in East Texas, and while they were there, they went by the local feed store and picked up seven chicks, which ended up being quite different than our first batch of birds. They decided on a few different breeds: Ameracauna,

Hens raising happy, healthy chickens Roosters

Getting Started with Chickens

I live in a small town southwest of Oklahoma City, but originally I’m from Dallas, so I’m more familiar with fashion and makeup trends than I am with a farm and chickens. My first experience with chickens was several years ago on my mother-in-law’s ranch in East Texas, unless you count eating chicken. She ordered some Rhode Island Reds, which at the time I had no idea what that meant. I certainly wasn’t aware