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Pet Gift Ideas for Christmas

Dogs account for the bulk of pets in the United States. And according to the American Pet Products Association pet statistics (APPA), dog owners spend ~ $1400 annually on their pets. While cat owners spend ~ $900 annually. These numbers represent medical, food, services, gifts and supplies. Also, the average that was spent on gifts last year on both cats and dogs was ~ $300 combined per a survey by TD Ameritrade. 51% of pet owners reported buying Christmas gifts for their pets last year, while 56% affirm they will do so this year. And ~ 80% of pet owners buy gifts regardless. With that in mind, we’ll look at some pet gift ideas for Christmas.

We too have gotten our dogs gifts for Christmas over the years. Like bones or rawhide. But this is the first year I’ve bought costumes and special toys, intended as gifts for my cat and even chickens! Have I gone off the deep end?

Reasons for the Rise in Pet Gifts

woman hugging a puppy
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Many companies joined the ‘pet gift’ bandwagon, like Target and Walmart, stocking their shelves in hopes of competing with online retailers. Which makes sense in light of the fact that during last year’s lockdown, many people adopted pets as pandemic companions. Again, American pet owners spent a whopping $99 billion on their fur babies last year. Moreover, that included medical, food, services, splurges on gifts, plastic surgery, and even the pets themselves.

Dog Gift Ideas

Aussie by an indoor Christmas tree and TV

There are numerous gift ideas to get your pooch, but these are just a few that I’ve come up with:

I’ve been seeing these dog beds on my Google feed for a few days. They advertise that they support better sleep, superior comfort and anti-anxiety. And it sells on

With the smart dog collar you can keep up with how much exercise your dog is getting. And you can keep track of their whereabouts.

rubber Zisc flying dog toy

Ok, this is similar to a frisbee, but a lot more durable. And it’s not intended to be a chew toy, but with the Zogoflex it’s made out of, it can endure tugging, chewing, fetch, etc. Also, it’s gentle on your dog’s mouth.

Cat Gift Ideas

Similarly, there are a number of items you can find for your kitty. However, just like with your doggy, these are just a sample of what I found:

A self cleaning litter box with crystal litter that’s supposed to eliminate odor 5X more effectively than traditional litters. What cat owner wouldn’t want that?

box of flick and frolic cat toy

This is a Leaps and Bounds interactive toy that features a wand with a feather on the end.

multicolored fuzzy balls on brown surface

These are just what they sound like, and they’re the right size for your feline friend. This is Itty Bitty’s favorite toy, other than my hand and her backpack.

You could get your companion pet a treat or treats, however make sure it’s something they can eat. Although, if your pet has a weight issue, like they’re on the chubby side, you might want to skip the treats and get a toy instead.

Other Pet Gift Ideas

There are loads of sites out there, the most popular. However, Chewy is gaining ground, and they have amazing customer service. Along with the sites are numerous choices on gifts for your fur babies: Santa hats, reindeer antlers, sweaters, and clothing in general, if they can tolerate it. And make sure the clothing isn’t tight or restrictive. Though, you could go all out and send your pet to the pet spa. That is, if they don’t have separation anxiety.

Gift Ideas for Backyard Chickens

black rooster in Santa hat w/chickens in background outside

My last suggestions are for any pets you might have in your backyard. Chickens and ducks are not demanding, but they are curious. And they like to eat. So if you have some chickens and you want to splurge on them, you can get:

multi colored xylophone
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Attach a xylophone to the coop at their level. And see if one (or all of them) will develop an ear for music. *Mine never did, but that was a long time ago. So maybe I’ll try it again.

  • cabbage
whole ripe fresh cabbage arranged on blue surface
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Hang cabbage from the ceiling/rafters of the run. Chickens love cabbage, and it takes time for them to eat it this way, because it’s a challenge. It also stimulates their natural foraging instincts.

Try adding a mirror to the run, or side of the coop, and watch the birds entertain themselves.

In conclusion

couple kissing dog in the snow
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There are a lot of gift ideas for your fur or feather babies, either online or in-store. And you don’t have to spend a ton to get them. Your pet loves you no matter what, and more than anything, they want to spend time with you.