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Christmas with Covid

Well, by Wednesday my work week was done, and plans had been made to go to Dallas to visit family. All I had left to do was wrap presents. However, Hannah, my middle daughter, got back from visiting friends in Dallas on Tuesday and was feeling under the weather. One Covid test later, on Thursday, and now we’re spending Christmas with Covid.

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So far the rest of us are symptom free. And hopefully we’ll remain that way. Hannah thinks maybe she got a false positive result, because she doesn’t feel bad at all. Really like a cold. And she still has her sense of taste and smell. Though it could be the new variant, Omicron. Regardless, she’s staying in. And after I bought some things from the grocery store, with my mask on, the rest of us are remaining home too.

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Just so there’s no doubt or questions, my daughter was at a party while she was in Dallas. Some of the people she knew, but some she did not know. And while at the party, she drank after people, and vice versa. So she wasn’t being safe. She wasn’t even thinking about it. There’s a chance she might have gotten Covid anyway while at the party. Although I hope she doesn’t share cups or utensils with anyone again, using this experience as a teacher.

Last year my younger sister’s family had Covid around Christmas. That was when my dad was still alive. In fact, it was his last Christmas with us. Due to Covid, we had to rearrange dinner and presents with my sister’s family. But it was ok. And now it’s our turn. It kinda feels like an annual thing. Though I’m sure other families are similarly affected.

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Usually for Christmas my mom makes Prime Rib. However, because prices on meat have gone up, my mom is making a different roast this year. But it looks like I’ll get to have Prime Rib anyway. Around Christmas Sam’s Club puts Prime Rib on sale, thus I take advantage of it. Typically I’ll buy one ~ 5 lb rib roast, because that’s plenty for my family. But if I’m having company, I’ll buy two.

orange sweet potato pie in a clear pie pan

Furthermore, I have a recipe that I’ve used for 20 years for the Prime Rib; the wine sauce makes it delicious. Though I didn’t get the recipe from my mom; I got it from a small cookbook back when we lived in Dallas. However I no longer have that cookbook since we’ve moved too many times. And I don’t remember the name either. Additionally, today I made two sweet potato pies and a cranberry salad. Exactly like I did this past Thanksgiving, because my husband asked me to.

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So it’s going to be only the four of us, with our spread. It’s not a huge spread, but we’ll have leftovers. And who knows, maybe we can make it to Dallas next weekend?