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Recipe for Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

There are many things to add to banana bread: carrots, raisins, peanut butter, or dates. But the first time I made a recipe for banana bread with chocolate chips was around 10 years ago. And I think the first time I tried banana bread with chocolate chips was when working in Dallas. However I prefer […]

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Taking a Break

For those of you who follow my blog, I’m going to be taking a break. I only have one daughter left at home, who’s going to be 12 next month. And she doesn’t learn the same way my two older daughters did. So next month we’re taking her for testing; it’s been scheduled for almost […]

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Why have Guinea Fowl

Around 3 years ago we bought 2 guinea keets in addition to 2 barred rock chicks. And at first all 4 were buddies to our preemie chick, Baby Nay. But we ate the male guinea, for reasons I’ll share momentarily. Since then, we’ve expanded our backyard flock to include ducks, and even more chickens. Because […]

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Signs of Old Age in Chickens

After raising chickens for around 7 years, I’ve started to notice some concerning behaviors in my birds. Things like decreased egg production and slower fertility had me wondering about other signs of old age in chickens. But particularly symptoms of old age in my rooster, because he’s special. And I’ll miss him when he’s gone. […]