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Cutest Cat Pictures Ever

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been running a blog on cute animals. It’s featured backyard birds, like ducks and chickens, goats, and dogs. But this week we’ll pay tribute to cats with some of the cutest cat pictures ever.

Cake in a Toy Stable

cutest picture of gray cat in toy stable

Cake is our Russian Blue cat, and she loves getting into things. Boxes, toys shaped like boxes, or hiding spots, she’ll take a seat and stay a while. I love this picture and think it’s one of the cutest, because it captures Cake in one of those spots.

Calico kitten

cutest calico kitten

I had to include a picture of a kitten. I mean, who doesn’t think kittens aren’t some of the cutest creatures on earth?

Pie sleeping

The next two adorable pictures are of Pie, a dumpster cat. She was found by her humans and was the runt of the litter. Hence, she still looks like a kitten.

cutest picture of cat sleeping
cutest picture of cat

Meow Meow Kitty Kitty looking out the window

This is our other cat Meow Meow. She usually stays hidden most of the day under my bed. She has 2 interests: Eating and sleeping. And not necessarily in that order. But sometimes she’ll snuggle up next to me if I take a nap.

adorable picture of tortoiseshell cat by window

Gypsy, our neighbor’s cat

Gypsy is a really cute and friendly cat. She likes to come into our yard every morning and evening. And one interesting fact about her is that she doesn’t have a tail.

cute picture of gray and white kitten

Our cat, Cake, lounging on a chair

cutest picture of gray cat lounging on chair

This is another really cute picture of our cat, Cake. She likes to fall asleep virtually anywhere. But this time she was snoozing on a chair.

Itty Bitty, when she was itty bitty

The next 2 pictures are of Itty when she was first brought to us. A found her in the middle of the road. She was too young to be away from her mother. So we bought some milk replacement and started giving it to her.

cutest calico kitten
cutest cat picture of kitten drinking milk from a bottle


This is a cute picture of Smokey. He’s no longer with his humans. But when he was, he was a huge people person cat. And he had a Labrador for a best friend.

cutest cat picture of cat leaning over a couch

Do you like cats? Which picture was your favorite? Your comments are appreciated.

Extras recipes

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I started making this recipe many years ago when we lived in Dallas. This chicken tortilla soup is very easy to make. And I usually prepare it with chicken quesadillas after the chicken is cooked and shredded. But you can have it either way, because it’s delicious.


  • 1 1/2 -2 lbs Chicken Breasts
  • 2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 3 cans Water
  • 1/2 can Rotel, drained (I use Mild, but you can use whichever you want)
  • 1/4 tsp each Salt, Garlic Powder, and Cumin
  • 1/8 tsp Pepper
  • 1 pkg of Tri-color Tortilla Strips
  • 1 Avocado
  • and 1 cup Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese


  • First, put the first 6 ingredients in a pot over medium-hi, and heat till the liquid starts to boil.
  • Next, once boiling, put burner on low, cover, and simmer till chicken is cooked.
  • Then, shred chicken and put back into the pot.
  • And serve over sliced avocado, tortilla strips, and shredded cheese.

If you want to make chicken quesadillas, you’ll need flour tortillas and shredded Mexican blend cheese. I usually use soft taco size tortillas. However, you can use whatever you prefer.

Place one tortilla on a plate, add some shredded chicken, and sprinkle with plenty of shredded cheese. And finally you’ll top it with another tortilla before placing the quesadilla in a pan on low heat. Heat through, till bottom is browned. Then flip over with a spatula, heating that side till it is browned as well.

chicken quesadillas

If you made this recipe, what did you think of it? Do you have your own for chicken tortilla soup or quesadillas? Your comments are appreciated.

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Very Cute Dog Pictures

Last week’s blog was of cute baby bird pictures. Today I’m posting very cute dog pictures. Whatever your preference for pet, these photos of man’s best friend will warm your heart.

very cute picture of lab mix dog


This is Charlee. She’s a cute lab mix, who’s full of personality and high energy. And she likes to chase bunnies, frogs, and to dig. Things her owners swore they would disown her for. But they can’t, because they are crazy about her.

2 very cute, big dogs lying on top of each other

Bentley and Nikki

Nikki is the shepherd mix on the left, while Bentley is the lab mix on the right. She’s the boss in their relationship. However, when it comes to their owner, they’re both very attentive and faithful.

very cute picture of dog licking face


This is Samson, otherwise known as Courage the Cowardly Dog by his parents. Because, even though he’s almost 7 years old in human years, he’s still just a puppy at heart. That’s since he’s afraid of every little thing. But still we think he’s really cute!

picture of very cute pit bull mix dog


Ozma or Oz is a really cute half pit, half lab who loves to carry her own leash when out on walks. And she also loves to cuddle.

very cute pic of Sheltie driving


This is a really cute picture of our late dog Moses, in the driver’s seat. He loved to run around outside, and he was a great pet. We miss him very much!

really cute picture of labradoodle


Tessa is a sweet labradoodle. She loves everyone and thinks a stranger she meets is her new best friend.

really cute pug


This is a picture of Maddie, an absolutely sweet pug, who also is no longer with her family. But when she was, she would wait for her human to get home before she would eat her food. And she loved to get as close to her human as was physically possible.

cute dog with its tongue out


This is a very cute picture of London, who likes to lick faces. However, she knows she’s not supposed to. So, when her face is near her human’s face, she licks her own face, religiously.

cute labrador


Minti is another cute lab. And when her human is sitting down, she takes small steps, one at a time, to get closer till her head is in her human’s lap.

Hens raising happy, healthy chickens

What Are The Signs of a Broody Hen?

Perhaps you’ve seen a broody hen or had one in your yard. If you’re a new chicken owner or currently only have chicks, then this post will help explain the signs of a broody hen.

What does it mean if you have a few hens that stop laying eggs simultaneously? Does it mean they’re sick? Or are they all broody? Either is possible. But having multiple hens that aren’t laying eggs is pretty excessive. Unless they are sick, stressed, or molting. However, there are other reasons hens won’t lay eggs.

In another post I covered various illnesses and problems that, if afflicting the backyard flock, could cause hens to stop laying eggs. Although, in this article, I’m going to go over signs of a broody hen or hens.

broody hen
Our most recent broody hen.

The Broody Hen

What is a broody hen? The dictionary describes ‘broody’ (as in this case) as disposed to sit on eggs to hatch them. This is a really great definition, because that is exactly what a broody hen does. She sits on eggs, usually none of which are her own, all in order to have babies.

Her metaphorical, biological clock is ticking. And that hen wants some chicks. So instinctually she no longer will lay any eggs herself. Instead she will lay on any and all eggs. Typically there are one or two favorite nesting boxes in the coop. And the broody hen will remain on the eggs faithfully, waiting until a chick will hatch.

Throughout the day or days, the other hens will lay their eggs, which will greatly upset this mother-to-be when she gets uprooted. However, nature calls, so it can’t be avoided. But it increases her chances of having more chicks. Because she will even steal other eggs from nearby nests if she can.

How do You Know if You have a Broody Hen

  • The first indication that you have a broody hen is she’s always on the eggs:

Morning, noon, and night. She doesn’t leave the coop, that’s rule number one. She will barely eat and drink, she’s that dedicated to her task of having some chicks.

  • The second sign of a broody hen is more of a guideline than a rule:

She’s nasty if you check on her. I mention that as more of a guideline, because some hens are just mean when they’re laying their eggs. It doesn’t necessarily indicate they’re broody.

  • Most broody hens will also make screeching noises and fluff themselves out to twice their size if you try to touch them or their eggs.

But again, I have hens that have never been broody display this behavior. However, if you have a hen fluffing herself out and staying on the eggs all day, chances are high that she’s broody.

black broody hen w/chicks

Other Things to Consider

Most hens get maternal in the spring or summer. Though, that doesn’t mean a hen can’t go broody at some other time. All of our hens have gone broody spring or summer, like clockwork. Also, when the hen is preparing her nest, she pulls out feathers from her chest. And if you put an egg in front of her, she will immediately take it and put it under her.

Some breeds are more prone to broodiness than others. Silkies and Cochins are two of the best egg-setter breeds around. Go here for a more detailed list. But since broody hens don’t produce as many eggs as non-broody hens, most hatcheries breed the broodiness out of their chickens, for the most part.

2 of our broody hens last year were incubated and raised by us, while 1 hen was hatched and raised by one of our broody hens from the year before; and only 1 broody hen was from a hatchery. This year we’ve had 2 hens go broody so far.

broody Easter Egger hen with chicks

What to do with a Broody Hen

If you have a rooster and want more chickens, then having a broody hen is the easiest way I know of to accomplish that. Hens are better suited, most of them anyway, for doing the work of incubating chicken eggs. They also make sure the chicks are taken care of properly, unless you want a lot of chicks.

It’s generally not a good idea to put a lot of eggs under a broody hen if they aren’t going to hatch the same day. Because, once the chicks start moving around, the mother will leave behind the eggs. And the rest of her brood will die. For the most part I have put only 2-3 eggs under each of my broody hens.

How to Care for a Broody Hen

If you have a broody hen and want the chicks, then put her in a place by herself, or at least closed off, from the rest of the flock. This is so that they can’t steal anyone’s eggs. In this way you will know her eggs from everyone else’s. Although, you will have to make special bathroom breaks for her and set aside food and fresh, clean water daily, especially for her in this spot.

A word of caution: If you completely remove your broody hen from the flock, it is possible you will break her broodiness. We have observed this from trial and error first-hand with several broody hens. They don’t like to leave the flock. And they would rather keep their place in the pecking order than have chicks.

We tried doing this twice, removing the broody hens. The first time we separated the hen from the flock, we ended up accidentally breaking her brood. It was sad, because the chicks were so close to being hatched.

Ameraucana hen with 2 chicks

The only hen we had who managed to go broody and raise chicks until they were old enough to be on their own was Davis, one of our Ameraucana hens. She wasn’t mean when we’d go check on her, and once her 2 chicks hatched, she even let us pick them up. She was my favorite hen.

But when Davis went broody, we decided to leave her in the coop after several attempts to move her, all unsuccessfully. She left her eggs when she needed food, water, and to use the bathroom. And we solved the problem of whose eggs were whose by dating hers with a Sharpie. No one crushed her eggs, and in three weeks, her chicks hatched.

My husband finally ended up making something to enclose the setting hens inside the coop, so that none of the other birds would disturb them. It took some experimentation, but we finally have something that works for our broody hens. However, I can honestly say that I was relieved when they stopped wanting to have babies last year, because it was a lot of work.

two broody hens w/chicks

Can You get Multiple Broody Hens

Now all of that is fine, however is it possible to have multiple broody hens? Absolutely, let me tell you! Since Davis, we have had several hens go broody, annually. All at the same time, many get baby fever. And one or two will go broody a second time shortly after raising their chicks. I couldn’t understand it. Why were they all going broody at the same time? And how could I stop it?

Well, I learned that sometimes being broody is contagious Some hens will copy this behavior and yet, not really want chicks. And still others will end up going through the process and wind up new mommas. We’ve had hens that wanted babies before. But never like it’s been since Davis. I believe the increase in broody hens is likely due to it being bred into their genes. For example, Davis had been broody; maybe only once, but still. We incubated some of her eggs. Now they’re mixed in the gene pool.

How to Break Broodiness

There are several suggestions out there about how to break broodiness. Although the one proven and effective method that most people agree on is what is called the broody box. There are several ideas on how to make it. However it doesn’t need to be special. The main thing is to separate the hen from the rest of the flock. For instance, if you have a pet carrier or a pet crate, with adequate space, that will work. Again, separating the hen from the rest of the flock will fully motivate her to give up the idea of wanting to have chicks.

When we separated our broody hens from the flock, we just put them in a big Rubbermaid box. (This was at different times.) And then placed the box in the garage. They had straw for bedding, food, and water. In fact, we weren’t trying to break their broodiness. Though, it happened anyway. Because the birds have their pecking order established. And the hen who leaves doesn’t want to have to start all over again at the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you!

Crazy Cute Pictures Extras

Cute Baby Bird Pictures

Today’s post is on cute baby bird pictures. Last Saturday I started this weekly post on crazy, cute pictures of our feather or fur babies. However, I want to mix up what the photos will be of; from specific types of animals to pets and farm animals.

So, what are the benefits of seeing pictures of cute animals? Or cute baby birds, for that matter? Are there benefits? Absolutely! You may have noticed when looking at your own pets, or even just at cute animal pictures, that you feel better. Happier. In some studies they have found that dopamine flows to the brain when we see cute animals or pictures of cute baby animals. And that includes looking at pictures of cute baby birds.

Other studies have found that we are more focused after watching or looking at cute animal pictures. And still others discovered that people were more relaxed after seeing cute animal pictures. For more information, you should check this out.

So, whatever your reasons for wanting to see some cute baby bird pictures, I’ve collected a few to share with you to make your day.


Squirt is our most recent duckling hybrid to hatch, and unfortunately she had no siblings ready to hatch with her. She’s all by herself right now. All she has is us. And one stuffed animal in her box.

cute picture of baby duck

She follows me around like I’m her mama duck; albeit an ugly large duck. But she feels very safe around me.

very cute picture of baby duck looking at camera

She’s a very cute duckling, from her peeps to her mannerisms.

cute duckling picture

She enjoys looking at phones and walking around. But sleeping and feeling safe and warm are the best.

very cute picture of duckling

We won’t know what she’ll look like yet, since she’s a hybrid. And she’s still developing. Her dad is a white Pekin, while her mom is a Mallard.


This is the most recent black Ameraucana chick to hatch. We have 2 broody hens and 3 cute chicks from them. This is the third cute baby chicken. You might not be able to see it, but this chick has such chubby cheeks; but they aren’t really cheeks. It’s the beard that are typical for Ameraucanas.

cute picture of Ameraucana chick


This cute set of chicks was incubated by my husband. Some of them are Ameraucanas and some are Easter Eggers. We don’t know for sure all of their sexes, but soon we’ll know.

very cute picture of black Ameraucana chicks


This is our first incubated hybrid duckling. It was raised with chicks, which was very cute to watch. Its mother is a Mallard, and its father is a Pekin, just like Squirt. So far it looks like a very good mixture of both parents.

very cute picture of adolescent duck in pond


Here is another picture of even more chicks that my husband incubated. They are so cute with their fuzzy, chubby beards!

cute close-up picture of chick


This is a photo of a cute baby woodpecker that fell out of its nest outside of our house. This happened a few years ago. We couldn’t find its parents, so we took it in. It had no fear and was so very cute!

cute picture of baby woodpecker

I hope you enjoyed these cute baby bird pictures. And as always, if you have any of your own to share, please don’t hesitate!

bunnies Extras

How to Care For a Pet Bunny

Today I’m going to go over how to care for a pet bunny. If you are at all familiar with my blog, you know that I have chickens and ducks. Well, I also have cats. And I used to have bunnies. You can check out this post to see some amazing pictures, and even share some of your own.

very cute gray dwarf lop eared bunny

When we started on this journey, living in the country, I never imagined we would have the animals we have. And I certainly never thought I would love them all the way that I do.

If you recently got a rabbit or are thinking about getting a bunny for your child or grandchild, then this is for you. So how do you take care of a pet bunny?

Myths about Caring for a Pet Bunny

First, let’s unravel the fiction surrounding the care of rabbits:

  • Fiction #1: Bunnies make the perfect pets for children.

False! Bunnies are easily frightened by sudden movements, noises, and really anything. It takes time for rabbits to feel safe in our presence. However, if you spend time with kids, showing and reinforcing them how to interact with a bunny, then they can be great with each other.

  • Fiction #2: Bunnies are low maintenance.

False! Bunnies eat constantly. If they go without eating for 12 hours, their bodies can release toxins that could be fatal. Rabbits also have this mischievous side to them, that requires them to be monitored, or they could get into trouble or have an emergency. And lastly, if you don’t pay attention to your rabbit at all, it will get lonely. There have been bunnies that have died from broken hearts.

  • Fiction #3: Bunnies like to cuddle.

False! I know that I said rabbits get lonely if left to their own devices, (or into trouble) although that doesn’t mean they want to be cuddled. Especially when you just get your bunny, it won’t want to be handled very much at all. At least not until it knows and trusts that you are not a threat. Bunnies don’t like being picked up, and they will immediately try to get away. They have sharp claws, and if a child picks up the rabbit, this won’t be a good situation for either of them.

  • Fiction #4: Bunnies can live outside.

False! Rabbits do much better indoors, due to the simple fact of the lack of predators in your house. They are prey animals, and they know it. So, imagine having your bunny outdoors where all of the noise surrounding them could be something waiting to devour them. They’re already extremely timid creatures, and they’ll remain so, unless they know they are safe.

Another thing to consider is if you live somewhere it gets hot in the summer, then your bunny won’t fare as well living outside. Rabbits do much better when it’s cooler than when it’s hot.

pet bunny cage
  • Fiction #5: Bunnies can stay in a hutch or cage.

False! Keeping a rabbit cooped up in a cage all day is cruel. They need space to run and stretch. If you leave your bunny outdoors or in a cage all day, chances are high that you or your kids will eventually forget about it. The bunny may get fed and watered, however interaction will probably dwindle down to next to nothing. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Fiction #6: Bunnies like carrots.

False! Rabbits actually only eat the leafy part of the carrot. However, the main thing bunnies are supposed to eat is Timothy hay; that makes up the majority of their diet. The rest of their diet comes from leafy greens–no more than a cup per bunny per day. They absolutely love fruit, although these need to be treated like candy. Giving a rabbit fruits on a regular basis isn’t good for their health, so only a very tiny bit once a week. And then there’s the bunny food in pellet form, comprised primarily of alfalfa or Timothy hay. This should only be a handful, as the Timothy hay is the majority of what they eat.

Now that we’ve gone over some myths besetting the care of bunnies, let’s discuss the reality.

Facts about Caring for a Bunny

  • Set up safe indoor housing.

Whether you choose to put your bunny in a cage, or let it run loose in your home is entirely up to you. Though, if you have it in some type of bunny cage, make sure the cage is at least 5 times the size of the bunny. You want the cage that big so the bunny can stretch and jump.

Also, keep the bunny’s quarters close to the family, so it won’t get neglected.

We had two dwarf lop eared bunnies. They both slept in cages, but when we were home, they were free in the family room and kitchen. The rest of the house was blocked off with child gates. If we still had them, I would’ve had my husband enclose the back patio, with the intention of that being the bunny room.

gray dwarf lop eared bunny in enclosure
  • Bunny-proof your home.

Bunnies like to explore and they like to chew. On everything. And even if you have your rabbit in a hutch or cage, you will need to let it out sometimes for exercise. You need to create a safe place for your bunny while also protecting your things. So, it’s a good idea to get wire covers, furring strips, and even get baby gates to block off certain areas.

Also, there are a lot of houseplants that are poisonous to rabbits. And rabbits don’t have the good sense not to eat them. Bunnies are constantly chewing or nibbling on anything and everything. If you’re unsure whether a plant you have is bad for your pet bunny, you can look it up or just keep it out of reach. You can check this site out for more info.

pet bunny litter box
  • Set up a bunny bathroom.

No, really, I’m being serious. Bunnies can be trained to use a litter box like cats. However, with that being said, the litter materials are completely different. You don’t want to use the same litter you would use for a cat, because bunnies eat and eat. This will make them sick.

Instead stick with organic material like paper, although newspaper isn’t as absorbent. You don’t want to use wood shavings either, because they can cause liver damage or allergic reactions in rabbits. Once you have a thin layer of paper laid down, then spread a thick layer of hay. This is because rabbits like to eat while they do their business.

Once again, when we had rabbits, we had one potty-trained. The older one. When he would go to the bathroom on the floor, bunny pellets, we would scoop them and him up, and then deposit all into the bunny bathroom. Every time. It didn’t take long at all for him to learn that was where he was supposed to go potty.

very cute cat and bunny eating greens together
  • Give your bunny a balanced diet.

A big part of caring for your pet bunny is with nutrition. Most of what your bunny will eat or is supposed to eat is Timothy hay. Your bunny should also get some vegetables, like leafy greens. What we gave our bunnies is Half and Half. It’s half baby spinach and half baby lettuce. But they also liked Spring Mix. Iceberg is not good for rabbits, so you want to avoid giving that to bunnies.

I already mentioned that bunnies love fruits. Though you want to give fruit in moderation. Like a bite of an apple once a week. Our bunnies loved blueberries, but again, we limited how many we gave them. And how often.

Don’t give your bunnies rhubarb, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, peas, potatoes, seeds, beets, onions, chocolate, candy, or most human foods.

If you have a bunny younger than 6 months, then you can give rabbit food pellets comprised of alfalfa. However, if you have a bunny older than 6 months, then you’ll want to feed it pellets made from Timothy grass.

Make sure your bunny has access to fresh, clean water daily. If it uses a sipper bottle, make sure the bottle works properly and that your bunny knows how to work it.

  • Provide some chewing outlets.

Bunnies are going to chew no matter what. Although, with some cunning on our part, we can give them what they want. With some mental stimulation thrown in as well.

You can get some untreated wood or cardboard and give it to your rabbit. That will keep your bunny entertained. You can purchase bowls or balls of willow wood. Or you can even use items in your own home. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls, and other cardboard materials that we throw away, make good chew toys for bunnies.

Avoid giving your rabbit something sharp, with loose pieces, or soft rubber, in case the bunny manages to swallow it.

proper way to hold a pet bunny
  • Be gentle.

Again, bunnies are prey animals. I cannot stress that enough. They don’t like being held, but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch them. You just have to learn how to properly. So another big part of taking care of your pet bunny is when we’re being gentle.

Bunnies groom each other. Their noses, eyes, tops of their heads, and backs. Every rabbit is different. And whether you got a pair or just one at a time, (and introduced a second bunny later), will determine the rabbit’s preference of where they like to be touched. By you. Sometimes it will just take time for the bunny to earn your trust. And this isn’t necessarily a reflection on you, but a good place to start is by petting your bunny’s nose.

Bunnies are born scared. Remember the movie The Croods? “Never not be afraid?” Our second dwarf lop eared bunny was like that. We got him after we got Mabel, and he acted very scared. Our first lop eared rabbit warmed right up to us. He was the boss. He though he owned the place, he was that confident. But Ricardo, he wass another story entirely.

So how are you supposed to be gentle? Well, don’t pick the bunny up like a prey animal, for one. Always support it with one hand under its stomach and one hand on its back side. Lift carefully with both of your hands, bringing it close to your body. And don’t ever let your bunny hang loose or carry it by the scruff of its neck.

child being gentle with pet bunny
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

My most important piece of advice when it comes to being gentle and taking care of a pet bunny is to be patient. I have had a lot of animals in my life, and I never force my world into theirs; because I wait for them. I take care of them like they need, but I resist the urge to do what I want; whether that be picking them up or cuddling them. I wait for them to approach me. And you know what? They do. Always. Every single one of my animals trusts me implicitly. Because I take care of them and I’m patient.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions or have anything to share, I would love to hear from you!

Crazy Cute Pictures Extras

Very Cute Animal Pictures

Starting now, for the next few weeks, I’m going to post some very cute animal pictures. Some will be of my animals. And some will be from my relatives or friends. Therefore, if you have any pictures, I would love to see your fur babies and post them as well. So feel free to share!

Our cat, Cake, sleeping on a bed

Cake looks like she wore herself out, working hard on the iPad. But don’t let that fool you. Because she sleeps almost as much as our older cat, Meow Meow.

very cute gray cat on bed

Cake and our bunny, Mabel

The cat and dwarf lop eared bunny are sharing a leaf. Our cat regularly eats strange foods, not really intended for her. However, we’re not sure why she eats some of the things she eats. Since we got her from someone else, it seems Cake has always been like that.

very cute cat and bunny eating greens together

Our second dwarf lop eared bunny

This is Ricardo, and he really belongs to Mabel. Not us. Plus, he’s still timid around us. Though, hopefully he’ll come out of his shell.

Person Holding very cute dwarf lop eared bunny

Another cute picture of our cat

Cake has this bad habit of going outside and trying to impress the male suitors. By rolling in whatever she can find. While sometimes it’s mud, other times it’s duck muck. So my daughter bathed her, because this was the last straw. And her last time to go outside for a long time.

very cute wet cat

Cute wet cat

This was taken right after Cake had her bath. And she doesn’t look too unhappy. Unlike the one above.

very cute wet cat with her tongue sticking out

Mabel, our first dwarf lop eared bunny

We’ve had Mabel about 3 months now. He thinks he owns the house; he’s extremely confident. And that makes me happy.

very cute dwarf lop-eared bunny on grass outside

A couple of cute chicks

My husband has incubated several different sets of eggs. What you see here are a couple of the oldest chicks that hatched. However, they’re even older and fully feathered now. This picture should be considered old.

very cute new baby chicks

A cute pair of miniature goats

These two goats belong to one of our neighbors. Just as we are chicken people, they are goat people. But we get along, because we all like animals.

cute goat pair

Another cute cat

This cat also belongs to our neighbor. I don’t know how many cats they have. But I won’t complain, because they keep snakes away. I like how this cat seems to be blinking.

cute blinking kitten

Cute baby duckling

This is the last picture, and it’s of a baby duck. A brand new, straight out of the shell duckling. Also, it’s a hybrid. Its mom is a Mallard, and its dad is a Pekin. And his name is Squirt.

person holding cute duckling

Which picture was your favorite? Your comments are appreciated!

Extras recipes

Recipe for Quick Mexican Rice

This isn’t really a traditional recipe for my family. Although, when I was a child, my mom got this recipe for quick Mexican rice when we were living in Arizona from one of her friends. She’s made it ever since. And so I started making it for my family as well. It’s easy to make, delicious, and can be served with your favorite Mexican or Tex-Mex food.

Ingredients for quick Mexican rice:

  • 1 1/2 Cups parboiled rice (like Uncle Ben’s converted)
  • 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 Tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 Roma tomato, seeded and diced
  • 1 Tbsp each minced garlic, tomato bouillon, and cumin
  • 1/8 Tsp ground pepper
  • 1 Tsp each dried oregano and dried cilantro
  • 3 Cups of water

Instructions for quick Mexican rice:

  • First, put olive oil in saucepan and heat to medium-medium high. Add garlic and diced tomato until softened.
  • Next, add rice, stirring until it starts to brown.
  • Then add water and spices, and lower temperature to low.
  • Finally, cook for 20-25 minutes or until water is absorbed. And enjoy!

I typically make this side dish with chicken tacos or burritos. If you made this, what did you think of it? Your comments are appreciated!