Feeding chicks and chickens raising happy, healthy chickens

Dos and Don’ts of Feeding Chickens

In this post I’m going to cover the dos and don’ts of feeding chickens to keep them healthy. And I’ll go over the different types of feed available. Then I’ll go over some things not to give your birds as well as some things that are OK in moderation. Because our backyard birds are omnivores, […]

Chicks Hens raising happy, healthy chickens

What Does Molting Mean for Chickens

The definition of molting, according to Free Dictionary is to shed part or all of a coat or outer covering. Such as feathers, cuticles, or skin, which is then replaced by new growth. In this case, chickens molting is a time where they lose their feathers. And there are a few reasons chickens can lose […]

Extras recipes

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos

When my husband worked as a fireman, he came up with this easy sheet pan chicken nachos recipe for his shift, which he then shared with me. I make it frequently, because it’s tasty and very simple. Especially for nights when I don’t really want to cook or time is an issue. It combines canned […]


Some Hurts Heal Only with Time

Grieving Over a Recent Loss I didn’t have my regularly scheduled post up last week, because I had to travel out of town, back to Dallas for the memorial service for my dad. My mom asked me to write the eulogy or similar for the pastor to read, so I did, thinking about not only […]