Why I Started Blogging

My name is Kristina, and when asked why I started blogging, I easily answer, “Because I love to write.” However I’m not a published author. Although I have no lack of things to fill my time. Such as: I’m a part-time employee, wife, and mother of three daughters. Two of whom are still at home. And now I manage two websites, my husband’s and my own.

Ever since I was little, I loved writing and animals. Also, I used to want to be a veterinarian when I was small until I found out there were certain things vets were required to do to treat the animals. And like veterinary medicine I wanted to be a writer or an author when I ‘grew up’. Though I don’t remember my dreams being encouraged, so I pursued something I didn’t really have the heart for. In any event, I stayed with it, and I have enjoyed it.

I began my blogging journey when I started reading numerous articles about women pursuing and succeeding with their ‘side hustles‘ during the pandemic. So I decided blogging was something I could certainly try, because my passion for both writing and animals has not waned in the least. And living in such uncertain times right now, hopefully my efforts are successful.

Furthermore, I have numerous things I’d like to write about. I even have a work of fiction, though it’s unpublished, because I’m still working on the prequel. Anyway my most prolific subjects right now, and the ones I will spend more time focusing on, are my chickens. Although at times I will blog about the other animals we have and even include recipes.

I would love to hear from other people like me who are where I was when I first started out owning and raising chickens. There’s definitely a lot of hands-on learning involved with backyard chicken-raising. However I gained so much wisdom by reading what other people went through, and I still do! I would also love to get feedback from other bloggers.

If I achieve my goals with my blog, I will be extremely happy. And I might even start a new blog, one completely unrelated to chickens.



I breed pure Black Ameraucana chickens and Easter Eggers that are Black Ameraucana mixed with either Cuckoo Maran or Barred Rock. And I donate eggs to people or organizations in need.

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